Angry woman confronted after leaving one-star review when salon ‘butchered’ hair

A woman was left ‘raging’ after going to a salon and asking for a Claudia Winkleman hair cut, and she was so angry that she left a one-star review online and the salon owner begged her to change it

A ‘raging’ woman left a one-star review after a salon ‘butchered’ her hair – then the owner confronted her and bribed her to remove it.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that ‘British politeness evaded’ her after the hairdresser finished her ‘Claudia Winkleman bangs’.

She was furious about the cut and told the hairdresser so, then when she got home she left a bad review of the salon on booking website Treatwell- saying they had ruined her hair, as the Manchester Evening News reports.

Then, the woman was approached by the salon manager who asked her to change the review, and then went on to offer her a bribe.

Taking to Mumsnet, the woman wrote: “The hairdresser has cut my hair on two previous occasions with no issues but today in my eyes she butchered it and my British politeness evaded me when I looked in the mirror.

“She asked, ‘why don’t you like it’? I explained that it was wonky, above the eyebrow when I specifically said I wanted it just below and the thinning had given different thickness throughout.

“The hairdresser was clearly shocked and said ‘I’ve seen lots of fringes and this is fine‘.

“The manager also sided with her, I paid and left (£90) for the colour cut and blow-dry.”

She then explained how the salon manager confronted her and asked her to change the review.

The woman continued: “A few mins after leaving, the salon calls me and I ignore as I’m raging at this point.

“Then a mobile number calls me and it’s the manager calling off her phone to tell me off for leaving a one star on Treatwell… is that even allowed?

“She asked me to remove the one and said giggling ‘we really don’t deserve the one‘. I said I deserved a decent cut.

“She said she didn’t know how I felt about it I pointed out she was there the whole time standing and I paid her and spoke about it at the end.

“She said what do you want to be happy? I’ll give you a discount or free £15 treatment next time. Next time? Hell no!

“I made an excuse to get off the line but I did leave a google review and a photo.”

Numerous Mumsnet users sided with the customer and said she did the right thing in being upfront about the disappointing finished look.

One user said: “It’s a riot! I would have been fuming as well!”

While another responded: “Good for you for standing your ground. At the end of the day, it’s your hair and if you don’t like it then the hairdresser hasn’t done a very good job.

“I’ve had so many dodgy haircuts and British politeness led to me saying I loved it when I hated it.”

And a third commented: “It is awful. I’d be furious. There is nothing you can do with a fringe that is too short and feathery.”