St Bernard’s incredible ‘prison break’ over 6ft gate with help from his siblings

The strength and teamwork from the huge dogs made the incredible feat look easy – as seen in the bizarre footage

A security camera covering a back garden caught a St Bernard carrying out an impressive escape act with help from his siblings.

The funny moment left their owner stunned at how easy they made the ‘prison break’ look.

George Piciorus, from Oldbury, West Midlands, was surprised to watch his eldest dog, Roman, climb over the 6ft gate that was supposed to enclose him.

And to make matters funnier, he caught all of his dogs working together to carry out Roman’s bid for freedom.

When the two-year-old found himself separated from his siblings, he didn’t hesitate in jumping over the tall gate. The other four St Bernards, named Lilia, Zvezda, Evita and Falkor, caught on to their brother’s antics and decided to give him encouragement and a helping hand in his mission.

George was surprised at how easy Roman made the jump seem. He said it “made it look like walking for us”.

George, 42, said: “They are very smart but stubborn. A Saint will do what he wants, when he wants, if he wants. They are very powerful and kind dogs.”

Since the impressive breakout, George has found Roman jumping the gate in a matter of seconds with no help from the others. He also finds that the five dogs will work together to help Roman get back into his private kennel.

“They all have a great temperament, and they are protective and territorial. Sometimes the others help him get back over if they want to get rid of him,” he laughed.

“It’s only in their nature to help each other whenever they need it. They have a great bond.”

Roman is the oldest out of the group and is considered the leader. He has his own private kennel and a place where he can settle down and have some peace from the others.

George said: “He is on a separate raw diet and he always eats last. But everyone else pays respect and keeps their distance when he eats.”

After lots of climbing practice, Plan B for George is to find a bigger gate to keep the alpha away from the females, ready for when they come into season.

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But even though George laughs at how clever and cheeky they are, Roman now has no private kennel and he has free roam of the garden to prevent him from further jumping.

He said: “We can’t leave him to jump again because it might be dangerous for his joints or ligaments. He is a heavy dog.”

Roman may be the showman here, but his sisters Zvezda and Evita will have their time to shine, as they have been entered for Crufts 2022.