Internet ‘mind-blown’ as woman shares hat illusion that’s worse than ‘the dress’

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after she posted a video of a hat she bought which changed colour from green to red – and people can’t get their heads around it

We all remember “the dress” that drove millions of people on the internet into existential crises over whether or not it was blue and black or white and gold.

But now one woman has caused serious confusion as she witnessed her woolly hat changing colour right in front of her eyes.

Interior designer Otelia Carmen shared a video to her TikTok account @oteliacarmen
where she said: “So, I bought this green hat at the store today and I brought it home and when I took it out, I was like: ‘Why is this brown?’

“Then realised: metamerism. This is why lighting is so important in interior design.”

Metamerism is the colour change seen in a coloured item because of different spectral emissions from different light sources.

Basically, each light source has its own “colour”, so when it’s projected onto a coloured surface, it impacts the colour of that surface.

In Otelia’s case, the lighting is what makes the hat look green in the shop, as when she got home, the hat appeared to be red.

Even in her own home, the hat changed colours from a dark brick red when she was standing in the dining room to green when she walked into the bedroom.

So, she took the hat outside to see what colour it was in the light of day, and it was in fact, brown.

Since being posted, the two videos have racked up a total of six million views, and thousands of comments from “mind-blown” viewers.

One person said: “Just gonna scroll [because] I don’t have time to think right now.”

Another wrote: “I truly thought it was going to be about being colourblind but now I’m just confused.”

A third commented: “It’s the dress all over again.”

“Imagine having an outfit that you prepare and suddenly your hat changes colour and ruins the whole outfit,” added someone else.