Man completely transformed as hair transplant ‘makes him look 20 years younger’

People used to say that Matthew looked like he was in his late forties, but now it’s as if he’s just left school thanks to the dramatic transformation – and he’s got a new lease of life

A man’s image has been completely transformed after a hair transplant – and people say he looks about 20 years younger.

Matthew, 32, got sick of friends and family commenting on his balding head and decided to get a transplant from hair company Novo Cabelo, as the Daily Star reports.

He then visited Ottoman Traditional Turkish Barber in Richmond, Yorkshire, where a TikTok video was made of the change, which was shared to their account @novocabelohair.

Now Matthew is being constantly praised for his new hair, with many saying he’s gone from looking like he was in his late 40s to early 20s.

In the TikTok video, the stylist from Novo Cabelo measures the spot on his head that will be covered by the new hair system, and draws directly onto the material.

The scalp is then protected with a special treatment and the glue is applied before the hair system is pressed down onto his scalp.

Next, the hair is cut and styled so it matches with his natural hair and the end result is incredible.

Rob, from Novo Cabelo, told the Daily Star: “Matthew is 32 and was sick of his friends and family telling him to ‘just shave it off’.

“He didn’t want to be bald. So he found us on TikTok and booked an appointment.

“The reaction was so positive. People were commenting how much younger he looked.”

Rob said his client is now “more confident than before and just loves having hair again”.

He said people reckoned he looked “10 years younger” thanks to the new head of hair glued onto his scalp.

The video has been “liked” hundreds of times and people in the comments were full of praise for the handiwork.

One user wrote: “Big difference he looked mid-forties in the original. That easily took 20 years off him.”

Someone else said they’d “be well up for trying this” and another simply commented: “You’re amazing.”

A fourth user wrote: “Baldness really gets some guys down you wouldn’t know he wears a hair system, brilliant.”

Someone else agreed: “Yeah late forties first then looks like he just left full-time education. Wow great job.”

Most hair loss is a normal and natural part of getting older but some people might find it deeply distressing.

According to the NHS, your GP should be able to tell you what’s causing your hair loss and what treatments are available.