Baker’s newborn baby daughter is mistaken for a CAKE after he shares photo

TV baker Ben Cullen is the master of optical illusion and has tricked followers including A-list celebs with his cakes, and now people can’t tell if his newborn baby is real or a cake

A baker who is known for tricking his fans by making cakes that look like everyday items has shared a picture of his newborn baby online – and no one know’s if she’s real or not.

TV star Ben Cullen has created some incredible optical illusions in his time, including a man in a hospital bed, a kebab, and a fry up, all of which were actually cake.

Now, he’s shared a picture of his newborn baby, Willow, and everyone is saying the same thing – that she’s probably a cake, as the Daily Star reports.

Ben has even made a baby out of cake before, and he’s become the victim of his own success, saying: “I’ve made a bed for myself now – I can’t post anything.”

Talking to the Daily Star, Ben, 30, said: “I used to post pictures of just me with my friends going out on a Friday night and that can’t happen anymore because people are staring at it like, ‘hang on a minute’.

“So apart from cakes, I only post things that are really important to me, like Willow, but loads of people still thought she was a cake!”

The dad showed off his beautiful daughter – Willow Grace Cullen – to the world with an Instagram post earlier this year and revealed her staggering size – making it even harder to believe that she wasn’t a cake.

He wrote: “She is just the most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life, I’m the luckiest man in the world! Willow was born 31/05/21 weighing 9.1 what a chunk!”

In response, one user said: “Cake or baby?”

Another person commented: “For a second I thought this was a cake.”

While someone else replied: “Oh, I thought this was another cake.”

While other fans praised Ben for his “best creation yet” and said Willow would be getting the “most amazing birthday cakes ever”.

Speaking about how the cake success has allowed him to support his family, he said: “When I first started, I was a bit carefree and I was younger, it was a risk worth taking.

“It’s a very difficult industry to create a business out of compared to the hours that you put in – there are way more well paid more secure industries that you can get into.

“Before I was a graphic designer, for example, it’s a well-paid career and you sit at a desk and it’s good fun and you’ll get good money to do that and there’s security there.

“Whereas cake decorating can be a very harsh industry because of the levels of competition but luckily for me I have managed to find a bit of a niche.

“But it’s definitely not an easy job for the money you get paid because to be able to support your family you have to give up everything, all of your hours, to make sure it’s perfect.”

Ben hasn’t looked back and despite the hours and hours it takes to create each cake, the father said his favourite moment of the process is knowing that his client has eaten it.

He added: “Especially with the illusion cakes – which look the least like cakes, they are the best ones to cut because it’s like a shocking reveal when it doesn’t look like a cake.

“It’s like a magic trick.”